CultureSpot Live / V&A Dundee celebrates one month being opened to the public

Coverage of the day’s cultural news, features and events in Dundee from Monday 15 October 2018 from 9am to 5pm.

  • V&A Dundee celebrates one month since opening
  • Dundee musicians named in a list of ‘artists to watch’
  • Dundee Culture will live tweet at award ceremonies in November


Coverage finished for the day!

That’s today coverage of CultureSpot Live come to an end. It is something new I hope to do here more often. I want to get more local stories and events brought to Dundee Culture so they can have a larger presence.

See you tomorrow!


‘I want to continue Dundee’s Young People next year’

Dundee Culture founder and admin Andrew Batchelor has said that he wants to continue his Dundee’s Young People series into 2019. The series which was launched in January looks at stories of incredible Dundee youngsters throughout the Year of Young People 2018.

Next year will have a less focus on the Dundee’s Young People series but will still continue from 2019 onwards – but not to extent it has been in 2018.


New Dundee Culture HQ ‘aiming to open by early 2019’

Andrew Batchelor has spoken about Dundee Culture’s new headquarters which will be located in the Claverhouse area in the north of Dundee.

“I want to open the new headquarters of Dundee Culture hopefully by January, or early 2019, if possible.”


‘Dundee Culture Rotary Conference Speech’ – Theme will look at how Dundee Culture is showcasing city to the world

The Dundee Culture rotary conference speech at the Gardyne Theatre this Saturday will look at the theme of showcasing Dundee to the world. With a new campaign launched: ‘Showcasing Dundee to the World’, Dundee Culture will have a platform to help showcase what it is doing to showing the world how much a cultural city Dundee is.

The Dundee Culture Business Club will be flagship focus at the conference which will see the Business Club fully launched as well.


Discovery Film Festival ‘to kick start this Saturday’


New Dundee Culture podcast episode could be released by Thursday

The next episode of the Dundee Culture Podcast is expected to be released by Thursday. It will feature Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education Communication Manager, Linda Gibson where we will talk about the college, the impact it has on Dundee and the impact it has on diversity in Dundee.


‘The McManus is pretty darn great!’


‘10,000 tweets on Twitter’

Dundee Culture has now reached over 10,000 tweets on Twitter! Woo hoo! So many since Dundee Culture had joined in September 2013!


‘A beautiful day at the V&A’


‘Pointing by the young generation’ – Great photo from Jim Glover

” A member of the young generation pointing the way! This was a photobombed shot that turned out brilliantly, I couldn’t have staged this better if I tried!”


Dundee Culture will ‘live tweet’ at award ceremonies


Dundee Culture’s Business Club conference speech

Three main focuses will be at the centre of Andrew Batchelor’s speech at the Rotary Conference at the Gardyne Theatre:

  • Kick start the ‘Showcasing Dundee to the World’ campaign
  • Formally launch Dundee Culture Business Club
  • Aim to have a new headquarters set up by early 2019
  • Updated figures on reach and visits as of October 2018


Two Dundee events shared by Shawney Henderson

Shawney Henderson has shared two events with Dundee Culture! Go and check them out!


Dundee artists named in a list by The Skinny for artists to watch

“As the spotlight shines on Dundee, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite artists from the City of Discovery to look out for”


“Even in the grey & rain, Dundee’s a grand old place really…”

Mark Brady shared these amazing photos with Dundee Culture which shows the amazing McManus Galleries, DC Thomson building and not forgetting, Desperate Dan!


V&A celebrates one month since opening

The V&A Dundee has celebrated one month since it opened to the public for the first time. The new £80m museum has been visited by over 100,000 people in the last month! Pretty cool! Happy 1 month anniversary V&A Dundee!


Good morning Dundee!

What a sunny morning we have today! Here is the first ever CultureSpot Live by Dundee Culture – bringing you the latest news, features and events in Dundee every day as well as your comments!


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