Showcase the Street – Helping disadvantaged youngsters get access to wider activities

Showcase the Street is a charity based in Dundee which aims to make activities such as dance, fashion, sport and cultural subjects accessible for young people – mostly living in poverty or have a lack of opportunity.

The group, who are based on Dundonald Street aim to help young people by supporting and setting up projects in local areas across the city.

The group helps youngsters who are living in poverty or have a lack of opportunity get access to amazing things such as dance or football. It has helped young people get their life back on track and helps boost confidence in those young people.

Volunteering is an important part of Showcase the Street and that is what makes it special. Young people volunteer to help and support classes at Showcase the Street which is incredible.

Showcase the Street have a main focus on dance and have different styles of dance classes for young people including Hip Hop, Modern, and Contemporary. It is home to two indoor 3G sport surfaces, two dance studios and a large multi-surface pad. Showcase the Street also host a range of football classes for young people to enjoy as well.

Having an incredible social impact

Showcase the Street hosts the Kickstart programme, which guides young people into work or training alongside playing football

The reason why Showcase the Street has an incredible social impact is that it gives young people an opportunity to boost their skills and get support through courses they provide which then helps them go into a positive direction after leaving school, whether either studying at college or university.

The Evening Telegraph had reported on a story a few years back talking to Scott Wheeler who had been involved in crime at just 16 years of age. Back when the story was first published, he said to the paper that he had been involved in fights and was expelled from school but had Kickstart, associated with Showcase the Street to thank for turning his life around after he took part in the Kickstart programme, a 12-week programme that guides youngsters into work or training alongside football.

An amazing wee group that’s expanding out!

Showcase the Street is an incredible wee group and because it has grown in popularity – the group has expanded out to Perth and Kinross, Angus, Aberdeenshire and Fife. Back here in Dundee, they have also recently opened up a new facility for activities including roller hockey, indoor hockey and basketball.

If you want to learn more about this amazing group which helps youngsters from different backgrounds from across Dundee, go and check out Showcase the Street’s website at


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