The Scottish Sisters – Creating vlogs, Dundee style!

The next feature I want to write about as part of the Dundee’s Young People series is the Scottish Sisters who are a group of two sisters who vlog around Dundee and the world.

Starting in 2014, Holly and Abbie McKee set up a YouTube channel to entertain viewers with their own original content including vlogs, challenges, baking videos and much more. Now as of 2018, they have a mass following of over 3,700 subscribers and the channel is one of the most popular in Dundee.

And they don’t just vlog in Dundee – they vlog worldwide. The Scottish Sisters have a series on their channel which focuses on vlogs from holidays they go – from Florida, Tenerife to Lanzarote and the series has been proven very popular and what I find great about this series is at the fact it has a Dundonian perspective to holidaying aboard and showcasing how they react to the culture where they go.

In the last few weeks, they have launched a new series focusing on touring around Dundee, with both Holly and Abbie – and occasionally their younger sister Emily – referring themselves as ‘tourists in their own city’ and it has been a very successful series so far with the Scottish Sisters travelling to Verdant Works and the Discovery.

I recently wrote a feature on the Scottish Sisters about their new YouTube series which I think is amazing!

The Scottish Sisters are yet another example of young people interested in media and showcasing their talent to the world! Go and subscribe to their YouTube channel as they produce quality original content!

I look forward to seeing what they produce next!

Dundee’s Young People is a series of features showcasing and celebrating the talents of Dundee’s young people during the Year of Young People in 2018 launched by the Scottish Government. A project designed by Dundee Culture to let audiences know about the impact young people have in Dundee. 


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