Business promotion by us. For you!

Dundee Culture are delighted to be launching a new initiative, the ‘Dundee Culture Business Club’ which aims to promote businesses from across Dundee and the local area.
The new initiative will allow businesses to join the Business Club through a one-off payment of £50 for three months, £90 for six months and £120 for one year which will see their business promoted across all Dundee Culture platforms with featured articles written about them on CultureSpot.

The idea of the ‘Dundee Culture Business Club’ is to promote small and large local businesses to the 15,000 people that like and follow Dundee Culture on all of its social media platforms and the 6 million visitors that visit Dundee Culture worldwide which could help increase of notability for the businesses that join the club.

Dundee Culture is very keen to help promote businesses and groups in Dundee due to the increased expansion of the brand that has been running for almost five years. With Dundee Culture expanding every day in numbers, this could be very beneficial for businesses to get more recognition as more people will be able to reach the posts that Dundee Culture publish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dundee Culture’s website and on CultureSpot.

The benefits of joining Dundee Culture Business Club:

  • Your business logo featured on Dundee Culture’s website, CultureSpot and Facebook cover slideshow
  • A featured article written about your business on CultureSpot
    • Additional articles written about upcoming public events or important news from the business during their membership period.
  • An option of a personalised Dundee Culture Business Club mug with the logo of your business printed on the mug
  • Optional podcast with your business which is published on YouTube and aired on Bridge FM (£20 extra for producing and editing)


If you are interested in joining, please get in touch through Dundee Culture’s social media pages on Facebook or Twitter or you can email


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