Dundee Culture founder Andrew Batchelor to speak at Dundee Rotary District conference

Founder and admin of Dundee Culture Andrew Batchelor will be a speaker at the Rotary District 1010 Conference in Dundee.

The conference which will take place at the Gardyne Theatre on Saturday 20 October will see Andrew Batchelor speak about Dundee Culture, it’s history, it’s present and what the future holds and will also see the official launch of the Dundee Culture Business Club.

A Dundee Culture stand will be set up at the conference which will give a great opportunity to promote the newly-establised Business Club and the opportunity to learn more about Dundee Culture as a whole.

Andrew Batchelor said:

“This is a great opportunity for young people including myself to speak about their stories – I am ever so grateful of all the support that Dundee Culture has received and I couldn’t have done it without the individuals, groups, businesses and brands who have supported Dundee Culture for nearly the past five years. They make Dundee Culture and they are my driving force!”

“I am beyond excited and I can’t wait to tell the story of Dundee Culture to a large audience!”

“Most importantly I am grateful for the support of the Rotary District 1010 organisation who have gave me this opportunity to speak at the conference as 2018 is the ‘Year of the Young People’ in Scotland”

Andrew met Rotary District 1001 governor Ian Dow at the Invercarse Hotel where they discussed the conference and the plans ahead of the conference in October.


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