Dundee teen talks about his passion for photography

Jack Sampson is a photographer from Dundee who has captured great shots from here at home to places such as the United States. Jack is the sixth young person to take part in the Dundee’s Young People series.

Jack started taking an interest in photography back in 2015 after his girlfriend, Emily Findlay who was a model and after Jack started to take photographs of her. From there, Jack started developing an interest in urban and architectural photography.

“Firstly I got an interest for photography because of my girlfriend, Emily Findlay. She was an aspiring Model at the time and I usually took photos of her with my newly bought camera. She’s now a professional model at Superior Model Management in Glasgow and a notable Dundee Young Person too! I then got more and more interested in urban and architectural photography which I’m pursuing now. This started in 2015/2016 and I’ve been taking photos of buildings and architecture since.”

Jack has continued to have a passion for photography and he recently visited New York which he branded as exciting and fantastic. I wanted to ask him if he wanted to do photography as a career and also asked where he’d love to go to in the future to take photographs.

“Photography has always been a hobby for me. Despite this, I have been lucky enough to get photography work around Dundee for local businesses such as The Dundee Gin Company and the newly opened coffee shop, Coffee HQ. In answer to the question, I would like to keep photography as a hobby but I would always be open to any new challenges.

In December I was fortunate enough to visit New York which was fantastic for taking photographs. In the future I would love to explore Hong Kong and many other cities in Asia.

Wherever I go, I always go with Emily as she helps me plan shots and help me out managing my Instagram!”

Away from abroad to back home in Dundee, I was interested in finding out what Jack’s favourite places in the city and the rest of Scotland that he likes to capture, and he has got quite a few!

“In Dundee, the waterfront and V&A are always my favourite spots to take photos. Away from the waterfront, the McManus Galleries is also one of my favourite spots to take photos. I love these iconic locations in Dundee as they have so much interesting architecture-especially the V&A! I can’t wait till it opens so I don’t have to clamber over the metal fencing!

Elsewhere, Edinburgh is one of my favourite places to take photos. The capital has many hidden spots like Dean Village and the Old Writer’s Museum. I love these two places as they are so ‘out of the way’ and unique”


Everyone has a figure they look up to for interest and inspiration and that was no difference for Jack, he told me that he has always taken interest from photographers who posted their pictures on Instagram and YouTube and he also expressed his love for Peter McKinnon’s work.

“When it comes down to the specific category of urban photography, I have always taken interest in photographers from Instagram and YouTube. In particular, I love the work done by Peter McKinnon who is based in Toronto. He has taught me many new photography skills on YouTube and he often displays his best work on Instagram.”

As always, I also asked Jack what advice he would give to someone who was interested in getting into having a hobby for photography:

“Firstly, shooting what you enjoy is really important. It’s pointless taking photos of things that you don’t enjoy shooting. Additionally, don’t go out and buy an expensive camera! Most cameras these days around £100-300 are perfect for any of your photographing needs and will last you 5+ years!”

Jack will be also taking over the Dundee: One City, Many Discoveries’ Instagram account for the next month as part of this year’s Dundee Design Month and I asked him what could we expect during the takeover as well as asking what his reactions were when he found out he had gotten the opportunity to takeover the account:

“I will be showcasing some of my favourite shots from Dundee as well as regular updates from many of the Dundee Design Month Events! I’m really looking forward to them!
I felt very privileged to be offered to take part in this takeover and I couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to showcase Dundee from my Lens!”

Dundee’s Young People is a series of features showcasing and celebrating the talents of Dundee’s young people during the Year of Young People in 2018 launched by the Scottish Government. A project designed by Dundee Culture to let audiences know about the impact young people have in Dundee. 


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