Team Tayside: Meet the Athletes – Aqeel Ahmed

Events Aqeel is competing in: Boxing

Aqeel Ahmed is a boxer from Dundee who is away to compete at his second Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast after competing at the Glasgow games back in 2014.

Aqeel Ahmed was born in Dundee and is one of nine Scottish boxers who will be competing at the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast.

His boxing career has been so far very successful, from home here in Scotland to abroad. From home, he came first in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Scottish Elite Championships, the 2015, 2016 and 2017 British Championships. Abroad, he came second in the 2013 Russia Popenchenko and the 2013 Tammer Turnaus.

Aqeel competed at his first Commonwealth Games in Glasgow back in 2014 in which he thought it was amazing that he managed to compete in the games. He managed to reach the finals of the boxing in the games but unfortunately missed out coming fifth place overall.

Despite this, he hopes that the upcoming Commonwealth Games will help him get that foot in the door opportunity to lead him to compete in the Olympic Games and that is his mindset in competing in the Gold Coast to get a gold medal in the sport that he takes great passion in.

We really hope that Aqeel wins gold at the Commonwealth Games and gets that opportunity to compete at upcoming Olympic Games!


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