Dundee tennis player invited to attend tennis academy in Sweden

A young aspiring tennis player from Dundee has been invited to attend a tennis academy in Sweden.

Jed Alexander, 17 is a tennis player from Dundee who has been invited to attend the Good to Great Tennis Academy in Sweden. His older sister Jess has started a campaign to try and raise funds to get him there as the opportunity is still slightly out of reach financially and Jed is looking for support to get him there.

But I wanted to speak with Jed to get an insight about what made him get involved in tennis and his history with the sport to where he is now and also asked what advice he would give to someone who would want to get involved with tennis.

Asking how he started, he told me that his older sister Jess had inspired him to get involved with the sport.

“When I was 6 years old my biggest sister, Jess, loved the sport which made me get into it. I played at the local public courts in Dundee, some of which I still play at to this day.”

Jed explained how often he trains to the best of his abilities in the sport and explained what goes into his training.

“I train as much as I can to get better and better. Right now leading up to Sweden, I am training every day for 4 hours, with 3 hours being tennis and 1 hour fitness.”

I also asked him what advice would he give to someone who is wanting to get started and aspire to have a career in tennis like himself. He said: “My advice would be to just enjoy the sport as much as you can, that’s the most important thing. And you could start the sport at any local courts or even in your own house doing simple drills.”

I asked him what his hopes were for the future and what tennis competitions he would love to play in the future. He said: “I am hoping to compete at the highest level of the sport, which would be all 4 of the grand slams along with several other ATP events.”

I also wanted to ask what his reactions were when he was invited by Magnus Norman to attend the tennis academy and it was fair to say that he was excited: “I was ecstatic to hear the news as this opportunity can give the the chance to reach professional level!”

‘Looking for support’

But with his invitation to attend the tennis academy in Sweden, he is looking for support as the opportunity is still slightly out of reach financially.

On his campaign page on GoFundMe, it states:

“Magnus Norman (Stan Wawrinka’s coach) of Good to Great tennis academy has offered Jed an amazing opportunity for his tennis.

Having seen Jed play over the course of a weekend in September, the Good to Great tennis academy team have now invited Jed to Sweden. The academy have offered to reduce the cost of their programme in order to give Jed this opportunity.

However, the cost of this life changing experience is still slightly out of reach financially. Therefore, Jed would be extremely grateful for any support.

This has come around very quickly and Jed has to arrive in Stockholm by March. It is an amazing achievement for Jed as he has trained outside with his Dad and sisters in all weathers and last year he only trained indoor twice when courts were available during Christmas.

Jed has not received any structure or support from the LTA or Tennis Scotland all the way through his teens and has still managed to get to a high level in the sport. Jed has done it on his own, including winning Scottish Indoor Championships, reaching No.1 in Scotland and No.7 in the UK rankings and beating many of the top players who are supported and breaking through.

Magnus Norman and the team said that Jed had a great base to work from. Also, they liked his work ethic and attitude both on and off court which is why they want him back to analyse him for a bit longer.”

Jed is just one of the many talented individuals we have here in Dundee and if you would like to support him by donating to his campaign to get him to the Good to Great Tennis Academy in Sweden, you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/lets-get-jed-to-gtg-tennis-academy.

Dundee’s Young People is a series of features showcasing and celebrating the talents of Dundee’s young people during the Year of Young People in 2018 launched by the Scottish Government. A project designed by Dundee Culture to let audiences know about the impact young people have in Dundee. 


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