Meet the vlogger who explores around Dundee!

Meet Callum Christie, or Exspires! A vlogger from Charleston in Dundee who explores around the city!

Callum Christie is a 17-year old vlogger from Dundee who runs his own YouTube channel and also runs his own small clothing brand called Pausitive Apparel which is a featured Dundee Culture sponsor and has plans to expand the Pausitive brand in the next year or so. He currently studies video editing at college and aspires to have a career as a video editor.

I have known Callum personally for about a year and over the course of that year, I have got to know more about what his interests are and what we both have in common.

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But I spoke with Callum to get an idea of what made him get interested in video making in the first place because he is one of only a few young creative individuals that we have in Dundee. He told me: “I have always thought I was a creative person and when I was younger, around about the time I was eight, I started recording my own videos with my mum’s mobile phone, I started recording house tours and about the same time, I started watching YouTubers such as Smosh and Shane Dawson and I had a dream of making a living out of doing the stuff I am passionate in which was creating my own videos.

Inspired by this, Callum created his own YouTube channel about four years ago under the name “DatGingaGuy”, now known as “Exspires” where he used to do a variety of things ranging from challenges to gaming videos.

In recent years however, Callum has started creating his own vlogs which focus around his everyday life living in Dundee. He has travelled from one side of Dundee to the other on a longboard expanding 14 miles, has climbed on top of a satellite building and had even met up with some of his fans who gave him a frozen fish to sign. So it’s fair to say that Callum has had a few crazy things happening with his small fan-base.

Currently, Callum aims to reach over 400 subscribers by the end of 2017 but it’s not just his YouTube channel he will be uploading future content on as Callum will be creating new content for BBC The Social, a brand which is run by BBC Scotland which showcases digital content produced by young people from across in and around Scotland. Callum will be creating content for BBC The Social from January next year. Callum is expected to be the youngest member to join BBC The Social and the only member from Dundee. I asked Callum what content he was planning on making with the BBC Social and he said to me that he wanted to keep some of his content ideas ‘tight lipped’. He said to me: “You’ll just have to wait and see…”

Callum also told me about some of the other things that he does, such as having an interest in band photography. He has recently been starting photographing small local bands such as Consequence as well.

Callum is a good example of the up and coming young creative talent we have here in Dundee and if you want to see more of his content, then you can visit his YouTube page at and also keep an eye out on BBC The Social in the new year as Callum will also be adding content there as well.

Dundee’s Young People is a series of features showcasing and celebrating the talents of Dundee’s young people during the Year of Young People in 2018 launched by the Scottish Government. A project designed by Dundee Culture to let audiences know about the impact young people have in Dundee. 


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  1. Dylan From GrievanceBandUk says:

    My wee boi is all grown up :’) remember me when you’re famous


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