CultureSpot Live / Wednesday 17 October 2018

Coverage of the day’s cultural news, features and events in Dundee from Wednesday 17 October 2018 from 9am to 6pm.


  • Year of Young People 2018: What impact has it had on Dundee so far?
  • Rotary Conference 2018: Dundee Culture coverage details
  • CultureSpot Live: Last day of two day trial on CultureSpot before moving to Twitter


CultureSpot Live ‘will be moving to Twitter’ under the name ‘Dundee Culture Live’

As CultureSpot Live is in a trial stage, it will be on Twitter starting from tomorrow as Dundee Culture Live throughout the day promoting news, features and events. It was already intended to do so after two days.


Scotland is Now: ‘What a great story! Drew Marr is an interesting chap’

Scotland is Now replied to a comment that I made on a video which looked at a comic book designer from Glasgow, I wrote a comment mentioning Drew Marr, featured as part of Dundee’s Young People series and Scotland is Now gave a response:

Great video! Scotland is the place of art and design indeed! 💙

You should check out Drew Marr, a comic book artist from Dundee, who is only 10. His comic book series is on sale not just here in Dundee, or Scotland, or the UK but even in the US! An amazingly talented Dundee youngster!

I did a feature on him as part of Dundee Culture‘s Dundee’s Young People series for #YOYP2018!…/drew…/amp/

Scotland is Now response:

Hey Andrew,

What a great story, thanks so much for the tip, he is definitely an interesting chap


Amazing to see inspiring Michael Glasiter on This Morning yesterday

10-year old Michael Glaister from Dundee was diagnosed with autism and was unable to talk and he had recently created a video hoping to get mugs from This Morning but what he didn’t realise was that he was invited to come down to the This Morning studios to meet presenters Phillip and Holly and got a bunch of goodies from the team and it was so amazing to watch!


‘Nervous but excited’

CMP_SDR_220218AndrewBatchelorDundeeCulture_01JPG  Andrew Batchelor, Founder & Admin of Dundee Culture

I am nervous but excited ahead of the Rotary Conference 2018. I am in the middle of practicing at the moment whilst keeping up to date on what is going on – which is why I will be ending CultureSpot Live at 11am to practice more as it is on Saturday but I look forward to sharing Dundee Culture’s story to a wider audience. Hopefully won’t be having stage fright on the day! Yikes! 😉


Dundee Culture at the Rotary Conference 2018: ‘Things we know so far’

  • Andrew Batchelor will be speaking as part of the ‘Personal Inspirations’ section of the conference alongside Fiona Campbell a RYLA Mentor and Louise Blakelock, Superintendent Police Scotland which begins at 11.35am.
  • Dundee Culture’s stand will include flyers, mugs and information about the Dundee Culture Business Club
  • Dundee Culture Business Club will be launched
  • Showcasing Dundee to the World campaign will be launched


Stopping at 11am

We will be stopping coverage at 11am up until 3pm due to preparations for the Rotary Conference! We’ll be back later!


Pecha Kucha Dundee focuses on UNESCO Design Cities

Last night, Pecha Kucha Dundee returned and this time was held at the Steeple Church which focused on the UNESCO design cities.

And we’re off! @Creative_Dundee ‘s Gillian giving us an intro with hellos in multiple languages. Tune in to our FB page to watch our Global UNESCO Design Cities event live! We will be hearing from 7 speakers from our sister UNESCO Cities of Design

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

It’s tonight! 31 wonderful UNESCO cities of design across the globe that is a part of. Looking forward to hearing from a few of the others tonight. Truly on a global stage! Watch the live stream here – 

View image on Twitter
Hello! Bonjour! Ciao! So awesome to be here at by @Creative_Dundee and @DesignDundee to hear from LOTS of international creatives AND to play our talented @AbertayUni teams!
View image on Twitter
Fantastic evening @ Design making a difference to ’s sister cities across the world


Black and White V&A



Thank you to Ines Maria Marzo (inesmariamarzo) for tagging Dundee Culture in her Instagram picture of the V&A! Thank you for following us as well! 🙂


Showcasing Dundee to the World handbook will be online only

The new Dundee Culture handbook: Showcasing Dundee to the World which will be released ahead of the Rotary conference on Saturday will be online only.

Dundee Culture posted on Instagram yesterday revealing some of the designs of the book ahead of it’s completion.


The impact of the Year of Young People in Dundee

The Year of Young People has been a roaring success for Scotland as the nation celebrates youngsters from all around the country.

Dundee Culture has helped play a major role in the Year of Young People by promoting stories of inspiring youngsters from in and around the city.

The series entitled Dundee’s Young People was launched in December 2017, ready for YOYP2018. So far, the stories have been incredible!

Go check them out at the Dundee’s Young People page at the top of the menu!


Showcasing Dundee to the World campaign to launch at #RotaryConference2018

Dundee Culture’s new campaign, ‘Showcasing Dundee to the World’ will be launched at the Rotary Conference on Saturday alongside the Business Club! A new Twitter hashtag will be used in promotional campaigns: #ShowcasingDundee


‘The V&A was amazing’


Great to see Andrew Kavanagh enjoy the V&A. He has urged people to come and visit it! Hope you come back to visit again Andrew!


Gooood morning Dundee! Happy Wednesday! CultureSpot Live will be giving you the latest cultural news, events and features from today as well as other cool stuff!


CultureSpot Live / V&A Dundee celebrates one month being opened to the public

Coverage of the day’s cultural news, features and events in Dundee from Monday 15 October 2018 from 9am to 5pm.

  • V&A Dundee celebrates one month since opening
  • Dundee musicians named in a list of ‘artists to watch’
  • Dundee Culture will live tweet at award ceremonies in November


Coverage finished for the day!

That’s today coverage of CultureSpot Live come to an end. It is something new I hope to do here more often. I want to get more local stories and events brought to Dundee Culture so they can have a larger presence.

See you tomorrow!


‘I want to continue Dundee’s Young People next year’

Dundee Culture founder and admin Andrew Batchelor has said that he wants to continue his Dundee’s Young People series into 2019. The series which was launched in January looks at stories of incredible Dundee youngsters throughout the Year of Young People 2018.

Next year will have a less focus on the Dundee’s Young People series but will still continue from 2019 onwards – but not to extent it has been in 2018.


New Dundee Culture HQ ‘aiming to open by early 2019’

Andrew Batchelor has spoken about Dundee Culture’s new headquarters which will be located in the Claverhouse area in the north of Dundee.

“I want to open the new headquarters of Dundee Culture hopefully by January, or early 2019, if possible.”


‘Dundee Culture Rotary Conference Speech’ – Theme will look at how Dundee Culture is showcasing city to the world

The Dundee Culture rotary conference speech at the Gardyne Theatre this Saturday will look at the theme of showcasing Dundee to the world. With a new campaign launched: ‘Showcasing Dundee to the World’, Dundee Culture will have a platform to help showcase what it is doing to showing the world how much a cultural city Dundee is.

The Dundee Culture Business Club will be flagship focus at the conference which will see the Business Club fully launched as well.


Discovery Film Festival ‘to kick start this Saturday’


New Dundee Culture podcast episode could be released by Thursday

The next episode of the Dundee Culture Podcast is expected to be released by Thursday. It will feature Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education Communication Manager, Linda Gibson where we will talk about the college, the impact it has on Dundee and the impact it has on diversity in Dundee.


‘The McManus is pretty darn great!’


‘10,000 tweets on Twitter’

Dundee Culture has now reached over 10,000 tweets on Twitter! Woo hoo! So many since Dundee Culture had joined in September 2013!


‘A beautiful day at the V&A’


‘Pointing by the young generation’ – Great photo from Jim Glover

” A member of the young generation pointing the way! This was a photobombed shot that turned out brilliantly, I couldn’t have staged this better if I tried!”


Dundee Culture will ‘live tweet’ at award ceremonies


Dundee Culture’s Business Club conference speech

Three main focuses will be at the centre of Andrew Batchelor’s speech at the Rotary Conference at the Gardyne Theatre:

  • Kick start the ‘Showcasing Dundee to the World’ campaign
  • Formally launch Dundee Culture Business Club
  • Aim to have a new headquarters set up by early 2019
  • Updated figures on reach and visits as of October 2018


Two Dundee events shared by Shawney Henderson

Shawney Henderson has shared two events with Dundee Culture! Go and check them out!


Dundee artists named in a list by The Skinny for artists to watch

“As the spotlight shines on Dundee, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite artists from the City of Discovery to look out for”


“Even in the grey & rain, Dundee’s a grand old place really…”

Mark Brady shared these amazing photos with Dundee Culture which shows the amazing McManus Galleries, DC Thomson building and not forgetting, Desperate Dan!


V&A celebrates one month since opening

The V&A Dundee has celebrated one month since it opened to the public for the first time. The new £80m museum has been visited by over 100,000 people in the last month! Pretty cool! Happy 1 month anniversary V&A Dundee!


Good morning Dundee!

What a sunny morning we have today! Here is the first ever CultureSpot Live by Dundee Culture – bringing you the latest news, features and events in Dundee every day as well as your comments!

Andrew Batchelor named finalist in the 2018 Inspire Awards

Dundee Culture founder and admin Andrew Batchelor has been named as a finalist in the 2018 Inspire Awards, named only weeks after being announced as a finalist in the 2018 Young Scot Awards.

After the news had been announced, Andrew said:

“So I was just sitting on my laptop and I got a buzz on my phone – a Twitter notification and I have just found out that I have been selected as a FINALIST at the Dundee Inspire Awards in the Make a Difference: Culture category! I am gobsmacked!”

The announcement only came days after it was revealed Andrew was a finalist in the Young Scot Awards, being named as one of three Year of Young People Champions, a one-off category where an overall winner of that category will be announced at the 2018 awards.

The Inspire Awards, similar to the Young Scot Awards, will celebrate young people and groups from across Scotland – for the Inspire Awards, it will have a main focus on the impact the Year of Young People has had on Dundee, rather than the rest of Scotland.

The 2018 Inspire Awards will take place at the Caird Hall on November 20 and the 2018 Young Scot Awards will take place only ten days later on November 30 at the Clyde Armadillo at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow.

Live tweeting planned for Inspire Awards and Young Scot Awards on Dundee Culture

Dundee Culture founder and admin Andrew Batchelor has confirmed that the social media brand will be live tweeting at the Inspire Awards and Young Scot Awards.

Announcing on Twitter, Dundee Culture founder and admin Andrew Batchelor stated:

The announcement comes after Andrew Batchelor was selected as a finalist in both award ceremonies.

The 2018 Inspire Awards will take place at the Caird Hall, Dundee on November 20 and the 2018 Young Scot Awards will take place at the Clyde Armadillo, Glasgow on November 30.

New media conference to take place in Dundee

The Student Publication Association (SPA) provides mentorship and guidance to over 100 registered magazines, journals, blogs, and newspapers; allowing aspiring writers to take their first steps into the world of publishing.

“We are currently the largest student media organisation in the UK, showcasing young talent within each of our 8 regions on a national and international level, as well as collaborating with very exciting individuals through our newly-formed mentorship schemes – expanding the knowledge of our team’s collective expertise and training the next generation of media professionals. “

“We will be hosting this year’s Scottish Regional Conference at the award-winning Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) in November. The event is open to all students as well as graduates from the last academic year and tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite at:
In order to be able to run this event smoothly and successfully we would love to get support from the local community – we’re looking for volunteers, sponsors, and speakers for the event, all of whom will be included in handouts and leaflets, as well as on our social media. If you’d like to find out more, please email the organiser, Mila Georgieva, at”

The cool wee laser-cutting business making models and sculptures from unused wood

The Altered State is a laser-cutting, laser engraving and CNC service based in Carnoustie. Run by Ross Cameron, he uses recycled wood and turns it from sculptures to models among many more. The Altered State joined the newly-created Business Club back in May and I have since promoted Ross’ work on Dundee Culture.

Updating on what he is doing, I was interguied to learn more about how he is doing and what he has been up to since last talking to him.

Kartel Scotland

Ross has created some pretty cool works for Kartel Scotland, a watch company. He used wood to create a speck case in which was later engraved with the logo of Kartel Scotland.

Breeze Stand Up Paddling

He has started working with Breeze Stand Up Paddling, based in Glasgow. Ross created beanie hats and also produced the tags to go on these hats as well. He had used parts of an old skateboard

Ross has also been working with the Garden Shed Drinks Company where he has been engraving on Chille water bottles in which he says are eco-friendly.

‘Creating wooden business cards’

Ross has also even been creating wooden business cards – something very unique which I thought was very cool when he telling me about it. This was for ‘Fire Garden Art Media’

The Weaving Shed Studios

The Altered State has also been working with Weaving Shed Studios based in the Old Glamis Factory where Ross created number signage for design rooms there. Weaving Shed Studios provide ‘out of the city’ studio space.

Mike Boyd Video

Also, Ross’ work has been featured on the YouTube channel, Mike Boyd Video where one of his products are set to be featured on a video on his channel which has over 294,000 subscribers.

What is the Altered State

At The Altered State | Laser Cutting, Engraving, and CNC Services, we utilise digital technology combined with traditional woodworking and fabrication techniques to turn your idea in to a custom product. We offer laser cutting, laser engraving and a CNC service from our base in Angus near Dundee where we supply clients both locally and nationally with high quality products, service and design.

Ross Cameron, who runs the Altered State creates amazing models and sculptures from unused wood using laser cutting. Speaking to Dundee Culture back in May, Ross had said that 3D laser cutting is the future of digital fabrication.

Ross Cameron originally worked in the oil and gas sector and back in January 2016 was facing redundancy which was inevitable as a merger was in the process of occurring.

After applying for several jobs that were successful, most of them were making redundancies. After facing many redundancies, Ross started working from home and thought to himself what he should do, something that he liked to do – and that was making things.

He started looking to create a social enterprise with the aim of recycling wood to make products – and Ross felt there wasn’t a significantly huge market for what he wanted to do. Starting to take a more in-dept interest into creating a social enterprise, he watched hours upon hours of video tutorials on making and carving wood.

Ross was saying to me that there were a lot of individuals and businesses jumping on to the 3D printing bandwagon but there wasn’t really an interest from anyone in the laser-cutting industry.

After the stages of developing a social enterprise plan revolving around laser-cutting and engraving, Ross came up with the name, ‘The Altered State’, originally he wanted the business to be called ‘Altered State’ but the domain for the website was already taken but was just as happy naming his business, ‘The Altered State’.

Behind the name, The Altered State, had come from the purpose of what Ross’ new enterprise would entail: the application of altering wood in a different state – hence the name, the Altered State.

Whilst having this as his own business, solely run by himself, Ross sometimes gets help from his wife, whom is also working full time. Ross brands himself as a ‘maker’ instead of a ‘laser maker’ and other laser-related names.

But to this day, Ross has taken pride in the work that he has done over the course of the past two years.

Showcase the Street – Helping disadvantaged youngsters get access to wider activities

Showcase the Street is a charity based in Dundee which aims to make activities such as dance, fashion, sport and cultural subjects accessible for young people – mostly living in poverty or have a lack of opportunity.

The group, who are based on Dundonald Street aim to help young people by supporting and setting up projects in local areas across the city.

The group helps youngsters who are living in poverty or have a lack of opportunity get access to amazing things such as dance or football. It has helped young people get their life back on track and helps boost confidence in those young people.

Volunteering is an important part of Showcase the Street and that is what makes it special. Young people volunteer to help and support classes at Showcase the Street which is incredible.

Showcase the Street have a main focus on dance and have different styles of dance classes for young people including Hip Hop, Modern, and Contemporary. It is home to two indoor 3G sport surfaces, two dance studios and a large multi-surface pad. Showcase the Street also host a range of football classes for young people to enjoy as well.

Having an incredible social impact

Showcase the Street hosts the Kickstart programme, which guides young people into work or training alongside playing football

The reason why Showcase the Street has an incredible social impact is that it gives young people an opportunity to boost their skills and get support through courses they provide which then helps them go into a positive direction after leaving school, whether either studying at college or university.

The Evening Telegraph had reported on a story a few years back talking to Scott Wheeler who had been involved in crime at just 16 years of age. Back when the story was first published, he said to the paper that he had been involved in fights and was expelled from school but had Kickstart, associated with Showcase the Street to thank for turning his life around after he took part in the Kickstart programme, a 12-week programme that guides youngsters into work or training alongside football.

An amazing wee group that’s expanding out!

Showcase the Street is an incredible wee group and because it has grown in popularity – the group has expanded out to Perth and Kinross, Angus, Aberdeenshire and Fife. Back here in Dundee, they have also recently opened up a new facility for activities including roller hockey, indoor hockey and basketball.

If you want to learn more about this amazing group which helps youngsters from different backgrounds from across Dundee, go and check out Showcase the Street’s website at

Alyssa Faulkner – The inspirational youngster raising awareness of type 1 diabetes in young people

Alyssa Faulkner was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes back five years ago and has been supporting Diabetes UK but she believed that there was not a lot tailored to 16-31 year olds that had the same condition as her.

Alyssa took it upon herself to organise a conference in Paisley  called Young, Fun and Type 1 which was held in June earlier this year.

Type 1 diabetes is always in the back of my mind but it doesn’t
stop me from doing the things I want to do.

– Alyssa Faulkner

Image result for alyssa faulkner dundee
Alyssa was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was just 14 – but that doesn’t stop her from raising awareness of young people with the same condition as her

Alyssa, who currently studies at the University of Dundee, went on to create a site called The Pumptastic Scot, a blog dedicating to her experiences in facing challenges with living with type 1 diabetes. She has written pieces explaining the difficulties she faces every day of her life.

Alyssa has never stopped campaigning for young people living with type 1 diabetes which is incredible. She has met First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Prince William where she has talked to them about her campaign.

Image result for alyssa faulkner dundee
Alyssa met First Minister Nicola Sturgeon where she talked to her about her campaign to boost presence of young people suffering from type 1 diabetes

Alyssa spoke at the European Parliament as part of her voluntary work with Young Scot and she said that her type 1 diabetes did not get in the way of that.

Alyssa has been named a finalist in the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards where she is one of three named in the Health Award category.

She is a great role model for people suffering from conditions in everyday life but instead of it dominating your life, you can put it at the back of your mind and pursue your goals and ambitions!

Dundee Culture Stats: September 2018



  • Total Reach: 214,801
    • Difference from Last Month: Image result for Triangle down 18,567
  • Likes Gained: 228
    • Difference from Last Month: Related image 55


  • Total Impressions: 318,853
    • Difference from Last Month: Related image 107,877
  • Followers Gained: 262 – 127
    • Difference from Last Month: Related image 135


  • Total Visits: 3,470
    • Difference from Last Month: Image result for Triangle down 788


  • Total Visitors: 2,654
    • Difference from Last Month: Related image 931

Combined Total

  • Total Reach, Impressions and Visits: 539,778
    • Difference from Last Month: Related image 90,992


September is Dundee Culture’s second popular month after July and the month has been nothing but successful! Facebook’s visit reach has had a minor decline compared to August but Twitter’s visit reach has sky-rocketed. The Dundee Culture website has also had a minor decline compared to last month but has had an average visit reach. CultureSpot has increased it’s visit count as well with more articles being published compared to August.

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